Netherlands Institute for Public Safety (NIPV)

The Netherlands Institute for Public Safety (NIPV) is the Dutch public research and knowledge institute that links and strengthens ties between the country’s 25 safety regions, central government and partner organisations in the crisis management domain through its four service pillars – scientific research, education, support and information.

The NIPV website and library are mainly in the Dutch language. However, a selection of reports and publications is published in English.

About NIPV

As a centre of expertise providing high-quality knowledge in the areas of contingency planning, crisis response and firefighting strategies and techniques, NIPV and its Netherlands Academy for Crisis Management and Fire Services (NACB) aim to contribute to a safer and more resilient country. Our headquarters is based in Arnhem, with a logistics centre located in Zoetermeer.

We are the NIPV, the face of safety and resilience in the Netherlands.

Publications in English

The operational domain of NIPV is the Netherlands, so most of our publications are in Dutch. NIPV has made an English translation of a selection of case studies, research reports and publications.


All research papers, scientific reports and other documents on public safety on this website are being actively managed. Please refer to our Archive for past publications.

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