The 10th European Conference on Protective Clothing ECPC2023

Protection challenges in a changing world


Date and time

9 till 12 May 2023


NIPV in Arnhem, the Netherlands


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For whom

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The conference started in 1984 as a Nordic conference NOKOBETEF – NOrdisk KOrdineringsgruppe om BEskyttelseskläder som TEknisk Forebyggelsesmiddel (Nordic Coordination Group on Protective Clothing as a Technical Preventive Measure). It had a good attendance from European countries and from overseas. In year 2000 the 6th NOKOBETEF conference was organised in Stockholm as the 1st European Conference on Protective Clothing (ECPC), and during the conference the European Society of Protective Clothing (ESPC, was founded. From the 8th ECPC in Porto (2018) the “Firefighters Theme Day” became a part of the conference. The theme day was intended to initiate co-operation and networking between end-users, scientists and industry.


The aim of the conference is to promote research and cooperation in the area of personal protection. A functional and comfortable use of protective clothing is a key element for a successful implementation of preventive and protective measures in the workplaces. This conference covers a broad spectrum of the subject protective clothing, and has turned into internationally qualified source of new, valuable and useful information for the advancement of the knowledge and the application of protective clothing. The conference has become a platform to disseminate, to exchange and to discuss the results of research, project developments and implementation programmes related to protective clothing, with a strong focus on user protection and well-being. Ergonomics is still a strong component of the conference within the new challenges related to climate change, pandemics and development of digital technology with new smart functions being an integrated part of textiles and modern PPE. Issues related to sustainability, durability of the products and consideration of full life cycle of PPE is high up on the agenda today. The changing business needs support from legislation and work with standardization has to keep up the pace so that the safe products can reach the market.


This conference invites industries, public authorities and academic organizations – researchers, designers, manufacturers, purchasers, health and safety experts, human factors experts and procurement specialists and end-users to exchange and discuss research and project development for personal protective clothing (PPC) and equipment (PPE).


The 10th European Conference on Protective Clothing is organized by NIPV (Netherlands Institute for Public Safety), the Netherlands. NIPV is an organisation that supports the Dutch Safety Regions with knowledge and logistics. IFV organizes the conference in association with the European Society of Protective Clothing.

More information

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We plan for a 4­-day event with the Firefighter Theme Day starting in the afternoon of the 3rd day and lasting until the end of the last day. The location will be at the institute’s headquarters (Kemperbergerweg 783, 6816 RW Arnhem). 

Participation fees: information coming soon.


Topics of the conference

  1. Firefighter theme day (see separate suggestion on topics further on)
  2. Climate change challenges
  3. Sustainability of protective clothing
  4. Protection of first responders
  5. Protection in medicine
  6. CBRN protection
  7. Protection against mechanical impact
  8. Protection of body parts: head, neck, arms, hands, legs, feet, torso
  9. Extreme environments and physiological impact
  10. Ergonomics of protective clothing
  11. Modelling of PPC and exposure.
  12. Care and cleaning
  13. Smart garments
  14. Modular protective systems
  15. Innovation in protective clothing
  16. Standardization
  17. Rules, regulations and legislation

Topic ideas with subtopics for Firefighter Theme Day

  1. Ergonomic testing of firefighter PPC/PPE
  2. SUCAM procedures
  3. Smart features in firefighter gear
  4. Workshop on the “Smart” topics above
  5. Task dependent tactical considerations for PPC
  6. Rules, regulations and standards. How to orient in this “jungle”?


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